A Serial killer is an offender who murders people invisibly, together with all sufferers sharing a specific similarity. Many serial killers are found to be either caged from dysfunctional backgrounds or are thought to be afflicted by emotional imbalances.

The Real name of the renowned serial killer, Jack the Ripper remains a puzzle till date. He just killed prostitutes and had the most strange tendency of eliminating their inner organs surgically. Ed Gein cried in exceptionally repulsive form of murdering in which he skinned his victims, and he used the skin for upholstery and clothes and utilized the body components for boosting the attractiveness of his residence.

The Character of Hannibal Lector in “The Silence of the Lambs” was motivated by this actual life killer. The Zodiac killer targeted individuals in the age group of 16 to 29 and abandoned his hint in the website of murder in the form of a crosshair like emblem in letters addressed by the Police Department.

The Serial killer Ted Bundy was exceptionally busy between the years 1974 and 1978, raping and murdering several women during those years. His victims fell victim to his attractive personality and was raped and then killed or visa versa.

Surprisingly, Women have matched with the male sex in this discipline too. Amongst the famed female serial killers stands Mary Ann Cotton, that it’s considered killed as much as 20 individuals. She didn’t even shirk from murdering her very own offsprings on to get her hands in their insurance money.

Belle Gunness is said to have killed 20 of the husbands at the lure of the financial funds and insurance money.

Dorothea Puente set up the façade of taking care of older disabled individuals in her boarding home. But she’d in fact wind up killing them and appreciated the government help delivered in their names for her very own advantages.

Famous Serial Killers
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