Do not have money to undergone training on any expensive course? Then, you need to land on course hero. This website is the common platform for the educators and students. The former will upload the course material and clarify the doubts of the students while the latter can have access to the uploaded material just by paying a small amount for subscription. They can have access to previous exam papers, flash cards, course material and other important information under one roof. This biggest library has material for all the courses. No matter whether you want to learn a software course or want to gather material about any subject, you can find all of them in this one-stop destination. There are millions of people who are using this website to upload and access the study material. The educators subscribed in this website help the students learn and chase their dreams.

As per the Course Hero Reviews, here are a few features that are offered by the online library where you can find the course specific material

Study documents: This website has millions of course documents that are uploaded by different instructors under one roof. Students can either subscribe by paying the subscription fee and access the material or else they need to upload the informative documents on this site to access the course materials and other information on the website for free of cost. The best part of this site is that, students who upload more than 40 documents can download around 300 course material without paying a single pie. The student can search for the course material either by university, course name or subject name. Moreover, this course hero donates books to various schools that are across the globe with poor infrastructure.

Professional tutors: This Course Hero Reviews | Glassdoor website lets students to have round the clock access to the tutors. So, whenever they have any doubts related to the subject, they can find the best tutor who has a sound knowledge on the subject to clarify your query. When the student post a question, they would get back the answer in three days. However, students need to pay while posting a question.

Features that are offered by the online library website
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