If you are the owner of a house or building, you are lawfully supposed to conduct a legionella risk assessment to protect the water systems of your premises fromLegionella. The disease facts and steps to carry on the risk assessment have been discussed so that you detect the bacteria before it catches you.

Disease facts
• Legionary’s disease is the adverse one out of the two illnesses caused by Legionella that can inflict pneumonia on your lungs.
• The milder form of the illness is known as Pontiac fever.
• If you inhale aerosols from AC cooling towers, unclean hot tubs or other water sources, you can catch the disease.
• You may have no symptom at times.
• It is not a communicable disease.
Do you know?
• The Legionella bacteria are found in aquatic sources.
• They grow in 68°F-113°F
• Adulterants in water bodies such as rust, algal bloom and Ca₂CO₃ deposits are good for its growth.
Who gets sick easily?
The onset of disease symptoms with Legionella control is more likely if:
• You have reached the 50 years age bar.
• You smoke.
• You have a persistent illness of lung.
• You have poor immunity.
• You have major diseases like cancer, or illnesses like diabetes, etc.
Legionella risk assessment-Knowhow
• You can hire a consultant to assess the risk.
• They will conduct a thorough scrutiny.
• It involves monitoring water temperature, investigating every single room, taking photographs of all water systems in the place.
• The layout of water supplies is traced, and schematic diagrams are made.
• All potential risks are analyzed, and counseling is done.
• A control plan is written down to enable the check of Legionella bacteria
Legionaries disease can prove fatal for the affected leading to lung failure and death in the worst case. However, administering antibiotics can treat the disease. As they say, precaution is better than sorry; you should get your building water systems assessed for potential risks from Legionella without any delay.

Give health its priority, gear up for Legionella control!
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