If you are looking for a game in Dota 2, the Matchmaking Rating (MMR) ensures that you find equal opponents and fellow players. In this tutorial, we explain how the matchmaking rating in dota 2 booster works and how you can increase your MMR tactically. The calculation of the Elo depends on only two factors: against whom is one playing? Is losing or winning? In addition, the winning team gets exactly the same Elo losing the loser team. The average number of the two teams that Match Making is almost the same. Important is the Elo / MMR not the League / Division! The picking sequence in the Champion selection is random.

All players of Team Blue get +13 Elo in the win. That is, all players of Team Lila lose their defeat -13 Elo.
In a “normal ranking game”, that is, all are in a similar Elo region and no stupid DuoQ exceptions (extreme differences in the DuoQ people), you get 10 or 14 Elo (victory) or subtracted (defeat), 10 and 14 were rather the exception, usually got/lost one between 11 and 13. Do not change the mean value. The average value of Elo, which was won or lost per game is 12 Elo.

In addition, the higher the number of games played (100 games, 500 games, 1000 games, etc.), the system is extremely accurate. The factor “happiness” is almost entirely neglected, the more games it will be. There is, therefore, no “bad rating, because the teammates are bad”. About a variety of games is the only constant of a single player himself.

Each player starts at 1200 Elo. The first games are considered “unrated”, you get only after 10 (SoloQ) or 5 (Team ranked) plays an ad, where one was classified. Dota 2 booster can help you in boost MMR quickly.

How does Elo calculation work?
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