tiger balm rose to worldwide prominence from ancient Chinese emperor’s court. The ointment has ancient Chinese formulations and even initially it was sold as a multi-purpose pain relief provider. Today, the balm balances ancient formulation with the help of modern innovations. It is not just an ointment but has become a lifestyle brand that people choose to keep in their household. It was initially just one ointment for all purpose but today it has dedicated ointments for different body parts plus there is a strong and a mild version of it.

From a small corner of the world to the whole world that’s the journey of tiger balm and it has been immortalized. For many pain relief ointments may come and go but this ointment will stay forever. In fact, it is this ointment that showed other brands the way. Today there are so many varieties of the ointment, one such variety is the tiger balm ultra. This type has the strongest concentration of the herbal ingredients and provides superior relief to the area induced with pain. Just one application of the ultra variety is enough to provide relief from backache, headache, muscle pain, joint pain and also backaches during pregnancy. The ointment is so versatile that there are no limitations as to who can use it and who cannot. Although it is always advisable to keep medicines and ointments away from children and you must do the same with this ointment too. It expects you to follow the minimum terms for your healthy.
Do not apply the balm more than 2-3 times in a day. Tiger balm keeps your health at the fore front of its priorities and hence there are some advices that you should follow for you to take the most advantage of the balm and also better your health.

Immortalized tiger balm
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