The impressive Factorio server features include instant set up of the server, full access to FTP, configurable automatic server restarts, automatic server updates, no branding, and easy to use control panel. The server also features advanced DDoS protection, Dual CPU Xeon E5 processors, and RAID 1 SSD drives.

The cost of 2 GB RAM Factorio server is about £ 3.99 per month, and it is possible to upgrade the server anytime in control panel. Multiple games can be controlled through one interface, and no additional costs are taken for the Factorio hosting. You just need to pay for the server you choose.

Get Factorio Hosting Done Instantly

The setup for Factorio Server
can be done instantly, and by using the multiplayer Factorio server, you can design a fully automated factory by using your imagination. The automated factory combines simple fundamentals into resourceful structures.

You can apply your management skills for functioning as well as safeguard it from the creatures that occupy the planet. There is no need to pay any set up fees for Factorio hosting and efficient and fast support is provided.

Impressive Features of Server Hardware

The server hardware provides high quality network, and you get exactly what you pay for. The fully featured game control panel is very beneficial and allows you to customize as well as configure your game server. You can change any setting, install supported mods and switch locations.

Servers provide coverage worldwide, and you can connect with players all round the world. There are different types of servers accessible and which include game servers, dedicated servers, and virtual servers. RentFactorio serveris game servers and that feature unlimited profiles mainly to swap settings quickly. About 25-40% offer is provided by the game servers, and that can be set up easily and are available for rent.

Impressive Features of Factorio Hosting
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