OK, this may be a ridiculous question, but I suppose I am a worrywart new mum of a three-week-old, so bear in mind. :–RRB- We are living in one of the Bay Area homes without a warmth in the bedrooms, so it has been fairly chilly and drafty during the nighttime. We wrap up our baby really well through the night, however, he does not enjoy being swaddled and pulls out his hands of any wrap we place him in at night. That is fine with us, because he is a fantastic sleeper, but by dawn his palms are like small ice cubes. Thus far, we have tried placing socks over his palms and tucking his hands within his pedals, but he is pretty good at wiggling from our alternatives. Other ideas? Thanks! The Upcoming escape artist’s mother

We had a similar problem with our newborn last winter on how to keeping your baby warm in crib. She also came home with a minimal core temperature, therefore we needed to actually focus on keeping her hot. When she was really little, we swaddled her into 2 blankets; she constantly wiggled out her hands, therefore we place booties over these to keep them toasty. If she outgrew swaddling, we proceeded on to sleep sacks, which work good. The one problem with all the Halo sacks is that they’re armless, and that means you need to layer them over another sleeper. For quite a very long time, she slept at a snuggle nest between us at the bed, which also helped keep her warm. Now she is nearly a year old, sleeps in her own crib and space, and I am discovering her palms are small icicles at the morning again. Thermal drapes over her windows have really helped, because we are living in an old home with single-paned windows. A little space heater has also been crucial, even though it does ding your electricity charge somewhat…however, it is far better than a shivering blue baby! Good luck! lora

I have been using the Halo Sleep Sack along with my 11 month old in his cold bedroom. I place him into a crochet with feet and then an all-cotton sleep bag over that. He is nice and toasty all night. Halo also includes a fleece sack that is warmer. Oakland mother

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Keeping Children Warm at Night
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