A famous quote says “God cannot live with us physically but he lives virtually in the form of pet”. Pets are good companions for humans and man best friend. Hence whenever they face some challenges with regard to health, it hurt the owners more personally. They don’t want to see them suffer from pain and diseases. However diseases are uninvited guests, they affect the canines when not given proper pet nutrition .

What is a ketogenic diet for dogs?

Dogs are carnivorous animals and their main staple food mostly comprises of meat and bones. However when dogs are prone to diseases like cancer, the essential food should be of less carbs because cancer cells predominantly spread and thrive on glucose which is the main source of energy. Therefore, Ketogenic diet for dogs are fed to the canines in which the carbohydrates are lower level, then there are less possibility for the cancer cells to survive and cause harm to the body.

How does a ketogenic diet works well for your Canine member?

The ketogenic diet was originally discovered in the early 20th century when there were no medications for epilepsy and it showed positive results when humans was following this diet. However after the invention of anticonvulsant, it started to lose its popularity since the drugs were more beneficial compared to this diet. Then again in the 90’s it started drawing attention towards the pet owners when keto diet for dogs was found more effective in treating epilepsy in dogs. Medical studies proved that keto diet had more impact on treating the disease and combatting the problem when medical therapy failed.

Final Thoughts
Canines are carnivorous animals therefore when they are feed with multi grain food that are very high in carb level certainly affect their metabolism and results in serious illness. Therefore pet owners should ensure that they provide the best nutrition for their best friend.

Ketogenic Diet for Dogs – A Trendy Phrase
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