If you look at many personal trainer websites, you will notice that some of them have animation while others don’t. Adding animation to a personal trainer website design is usually based on personal preferences. For many personal trainers, adding animation is the only way of making their websites attractive and flashy to the visitor. This could also mean using flash, adding movies on certain pages, pictures, and colorful website design. While adding animation on a website can be important in one way or another, the animation should not be too much. There are actually various reasons why adding animation on a personal trainer websitecan be a bad idea.

Animation can make a site load too slowly. The graphics and the scripts in the case are very heavy and loading them can take time, especially if a user is using a slow internet connection. Secondly, animation on personal trainer websites is a bad idea because it goes against SEO practices. In fact, SEO experts will never recommend any webmaster to include animation on their sites. One reason for this is that animation does not have any effect on search engines since search engines only handle content and not animation.

Search engines are also constantly tweaking algorithms so that their crawlers can identify quality content and not animation. It actually takes a lot of time before search engine bots can read information that appears on flash banners. However, personal trainers websites can also notify these search engines of thepresence of movies, photos or animated content by using alternate tags. As noted earlier, animation on a website slows down the website. As a consequence, search engines will penalize a slow loading website, thereby dropping its rankings on search engine result pages. The best way is to find a perfect balance. Animation should be used in moderation to make the personal trainer website search engine friendly. click here to get more information personal trainers sheffield.

Should you include animation on personal trainer websites?
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