stereograms are related to 3D images. These are images or pictures representing objects that give us an impression of solidity. These are actually multi-dimensional computer generated graphical designs that come with hidden contents. You cannot find out the hidden object in just one look. To know what is hidden in it you have to continuously look at it for some time. There is lot of methods to look at such images. These days it has become simple to build your own 3D stereogram. It is really a fun thing to create your own stereogram image.

How to build your own stereogram:
• Step 1: First and foremost thing is you will have to select a picture you want to add stereogram to. Use the next and preview buttons now click on apply option.
• Step 2: Second step in creating your own stereogram involves uploading your pattern. Then select an image from your computer and click on upload pattern. A new pattern will be created there by deleting the old image from your server.
• Step 3: Now enter the mask gallery. Press on next and preview buttons. Now select a cover as per your choice and click on apply the option. The hidden image will have the pattern if your choice.
• Step 4: Upload your own mask and select the image from your desktop. This will delete your original image. Mask of your choice will be used on the picture. There are also text-based masks. They also make stereograms from simple formats. You just need to type the text and click on apply mask. It will work better on bigger fonts.
• Step 5: Now last step is to generate stereogram. Click on stereogram option. In the matter of few seconds you can open the 3D image. You can use the save image option to save it on your computer.
Above was an interesting method to create your 3Dstereogram image.

Steps in creating your own Stereogram
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