The early humans first learnt to survive with the help of resources coming down to them from the natural resources given by the generous Mother Earth. Then they learnt how to defend themselves from the animals in wild. Then they learnt how to keep their tummies filled with food and how energy can be derived from the same to enable themselves keep working throughout the entire course of the day. This was the planned advancement of early human beings that helped them survive the alien planet of that time, and become the Masters of the Planet itself.

One of the things that the early human did learn during the process of learning with the experiences, was to create a shelter for themselves. A shelter where they could relax at will, sleep at will and manage their necessary belongings at will. A place where no wild animal could harm the human body, and a place where they could feel extremely safe could be called as a home to those human beings. Therefore, they came up with the concepts of home and housing for the human beings where everything can be managed according to the wish and desire of the person concerned.

The general contractor nowadays takes the responsibility of building a new house that is totally managed by the owner and is as per his requirements, except at the points where the construction science forces the owner to compromise with his own wish of having the house in another way. The high-end renovation in the house, or the elegance brownstone construction are possible with the ideas coming out from the early human who first came up with the idea of owning a house where everything I managed as per the desires. Thus, the idea has been passed to general contractors of the city.

The house making evolution
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