Are you planning to buy digital signature (assinatura digital) software and are bemused with the overwhelming options? There are a few traits that you need to look while buying the software. Few of them include, cost, security, applications where you can use this electronic signature and ease of use. When you are buying from a vendor, you need to look for the software with these traits to use it optimally. These software service providers will take complete charge of your sensitive documents. It is your sheer responsibility to research and pick the best software, though it is time taking.

Few of the traits to look in the freedigital signature software include
Authentication: Prior to taking the services of a digital sign vendor or buying their software, you would need to thoroughly research about their credibility and avail the services of those who are well-established in the market. The best thing about taking the services of these software vendors is that, you would need to sign on documents to prove your identity prior to using a digital sign to validate the documents. Basically, you need to pick the software that will authenticate the user on the other end. Ideally, there should be either a password or special code to authenticate. Also, the authentication process should also be used after signing the document to ensure that the document is not tampered.
Audit trail: This keeps track of all the transactions that are done from the beginning. The software vendor should offer audit trail to make sure that the authentication process is well done before and after the document is signed. Doing so, assure that the document is not tampered or altered after the signature is done. This software should let you keep track of when the document was signed and who has accessed the document. By keeping track of all these details will let you to mine the data when in doubt in the future. The audit trail should be safely stored in the secure server to avoid it from tampering by your disgruntled employees.

Traits to look in the digital signature software
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